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Coaches Who Care

We work with student athletes and their parents in helping them understand the recruiting process, how to get their information in front of College Coaches, breakdown the NCAA rules, how to research scholarship opportunities, breakdown NIL (Name, Image & Likeness), explain the importance of Freshman/Sophomore years in High & College, answer eligibility questions, Core classes overview, ACT/SAT scores, explain the recruiting terms, recruiting timeline


Questions for parents to ask during a visit with a Coach or Counselor?

Coach, can you please answer a few questions?

  • Academic resources

  • Scholarship renewals

  • Financial aid and cost of attendance

  • Admissions requirements

  • Study abroad/internships

  • Athletic training and medical expenses

  • Degree programs and graduation rates

  • On-campus housing

  • Coaching philosophy and style

  • Injuries and rehabilitation

  • Graduation rates

  • Schedule planning and time management

  • Playing time

  • Mental health resources

  • Degree completion support

  • Additional team requirements

  • Access to extracurricular activities

  • Pursuing chosen academic major

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