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The mission of EGOS Academy Tutorial Program is to provide students with quality tutorial support in the content of specific courses. EGOS tutors are trained facilitators and successful educators themselves who work to engage students in the learning process. Through individual or group sessions, tutors help students gain a better understanding of course content and materials.

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As a result of engaging with the EGOS Tutorial Program, students are expected to: 

·         Identify their academic strengths and weaknesses 

·         Develop effective study skills and strategies that best suit their particular learning styles 

·         Gain a better understanding of course content and materials 


We can assist the student athlete throughout the academic year, tutors will become more knowledgeable about how to assist students appropriately and effectively. They also discuss challenges associated with tutoring, how to overcome those challenges, and learn how to apply information discussed in training to their sessions with students. The EGOS Academy Program employs approximately 5 peer tutors. 


How to request a peer tutor for a course 

If you have any questions about EGOS Tutorial Program, including if you would like to participate or work within the program, please contact us at 

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