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Our Programs

E.G.O.S. Academy is an academically driven program designed to empower youth in 8th through college age students, while instilling in each individual the importance of accountability, responsibility, and integrity. Review our Programs below.


The NCAA has many rules and regulations that pertain to academics. EGOS advisors continually monitor students’ progress toward their diploma and educate students about the NCAA rules that may impact their eligibility. 


Initial Eligibility 

Prospective student-athletes who would like to participate in Division I athletics must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and meet academic requirements while in high school. 


Transfer Eligibility 

Student-athletes who transfer must meet certain academic benchmarks to compete during their years at their present school. 


Continuing Eligibility 

Student-athletes in high school must meet specific academic benchmarks. The progress-toward-diploma requirements guide student-athletes toward graduation. The standards ensure student-athletes take the appropriate steps to earn their high school diploma and include everything from grade-point average to term-by-term and annual credit hour requirements. 

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