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Your Support

At EGOS Academy, we are dedicated to empowering children academically to help them grow academically so they can positively impact their peers/lives. With a team of passionate individuals and cutting-edge tutoring, mentoring. We constantly work to find new and innovative ways to help our students overcome challenges academically and socially to assist them by any means possible to reach their full potential. 

We are proud to have helped over 75 kids receive scholarships to college on all levels academically and athletically. Our partnerships with amazing corporations and organizations to help us fund students with scholarships to help us maximize our impact, and we are always looking for new opportunities to give back. 

Through financial donations, resources, and community involvement, we create a solid and supportive network of individuals who share our passion for empowering students in need. And with your support, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of children who are first generation college students. 

Your donation will provide a education for a student, growth, a broader outlook and a opportunity for a student in need, helping them feel confident, comfortable, and supported as they navigate life's challenges. We may still need to get a lot of social proof, but we are working hard every day to create positive change and build a community of like-minded individuals who believe in our mission. 

So please, consider donating today and join us on our journey to empower our students in need. Together, we can create a brighter future for all. 

We appreciate your support! 

Here's a quick overview of EGOS Academy and how we are a force for good: 

  • Dedicated to empowering a student in need. 

  • Passionate team leveraging cutting-edge tutoring and the best in class to help student athletes in need. 

  • Partnerships and alignment with amazing corporations' and organizations to maximize the impact. 

  • Clothing donations, playground builds, and community involvement. 

  • Creating a solid and supportive network of individuals who share our passion. 

  • Your donation will provide a student an opportunity to continue his/her education at a respectful college throughout the country. 

  • Working hard together every day to create positive change. 

  • Join us on our journey to empower children in need! 

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